Lab results

Lab results

Want to store patient’s test results? We make it simple for you.

HL7 Messages

Lab test results from selected labs can be uploaded directly into the database. Most systems that collect lab results, contain the complete HL7 record sent from the lab. Hence for a single line test result there would be around 20 lines of information. The redundant information is repeated for each result received from the lab. These records accumulate and become very cumbersome to access as there is no way of sorting them. One has to scroll back tediously through these reams of records to find a previous test result to compare with a current one.

These test results can then be sorted by date or by test result name, with a single click. Hence, all lab test results are easily accessed and can be extracted from the database for research.


Bioscreen FMA

Smart-eHealth provides a feature for clinic to upload Bioscreen FMA results (Bioscreen Faecal Microbial Analysis).

System accepts result in PDF format, store multiple PDFs corresponding to one patient and can automatically detect duplicate PDF if any. Auto linking of PDFs with patients by matching criteria. Results can be viewed in same format as that of PDF and being used in research for patients.


TOVA (Test of Variables of Attention)

Clinic admin has a feature of uploading TOVA results corresponding to a particular patient. Uploading of TOVA file will get assigned to the patient automatically if the patient exists. Ability to store multiple TOVA results for each patient by extracting main information like RT Variability (Quarter, half and total values), Response time (Quarter, half and total values), Commission Errors (Quarter, half and total values), Omission Errors (Quarter, half and total values), Attention Score.

Easy to locate results in patient portal for your practitioners.